Cute Wavy Crimped Medium Length Hairstyle

Cute Wavy Crimped Medium Length HairstyleLength of this cute Medium Length cut is just below the shoulders and a longer Angled Bang is Styled off to the side.  Use a Wavy curling iron or a crimping iron that makes waves.


Cute Up Do Hairstyle

Cute UpDo HairstyleThis is a fairly easy Cute Up Do to achieve yourself.    Hair that is completely dried with product already in it, and maybe some hot roller curls, will help this Hairstyle to stay in place better.  Adding some curl to your hair also makes it easier to work with and pin in place..  Comb hair up into a ponytail somewhere around the crown area.  Back-comb the hair in the pony tail a little.  Take small sections and pin them forward and under in the front.  Repeat pinning the hair all around the pony tail and finish with a medium-hold hairspray.  It might take a little practice to get this exact style, but once you get the hang of it you’ll see how easy it is to style yourself.

Cute Long Length Hairstyle

Cute Long Length HairstyleBeautiful Long length Curled Hairstyle showing Front and Side Views.  Length is cut well below shoulders and Layered through-out the interior.  A Longer Side bang is cut on an angle to soften the front area.  Apply a volumizing serum to damp hair and blow-dry thoroughly.  Section off hair, spray a heat protectant, then begin to curl the hair.  Spray each section before curling.  Finger-comb the curls then to finish the hairstyle, apply a light-hold hairspray.

Cute Mid-Length Curled Hairstyle

Cute Mid-Length HairstyleThis cute Mid-Length Curled Hairstyle is ready for a night out on the town!  Model’s hair doesn’t seem too thick and length is cut somewhere around the shoulder area.  Layers are cut through-out interior and a slight angled longer bang is cut off to the side.  Apply volumizing serum prior to blow-drying.  Blow-dry your hair with the side part already in place.  When hair is dry, section it off and begin curling all sections in different directions with a medium barrel curling iron.  Remember the smaller the section the tighter the curl will be.  Comb the finished curls with fingertips and style in place.  Finish with a light hold hair-spray.  If you want extra lift on top after you’ve finished curling the hair, you can lightly back-comb a few strands at the root on top.  Just be careful not to disturb the curls too much and frizz them out.

Cute Long Length Layered Sexy Hairstyle

Cute Long Length Layered Haircut PictureBeautifully Layered Long Length Hairstyle.  Length is cut past shoulders and shorter layers are cut through the middle of the interior.  Beautiful Haircut is styled with a round brush, curling in different directions.

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