Hairstyles Pictures Gallery Plus Cutting & Styling Instructions for the ‘Red Hairstyles’ Category

Cute Classic Long Length Layered Haircuts

Cute Long Length Layered Haircut PictureCute Classic Curled Long Length Haircuts.  This beautiful long length hairstyle is cut well below the shoulders.  Long layers are cut through-out the interior to add fullness to hairstyle.  Beautiful classic easy to maintain long length hairstyle.

TO STYLE:  Add a volumizing serum and heat protectant prior to blow-drying.  Blow-dry your hair until completely dry.  Part your hair wherever you prefer….This hairstyle would look beautiful no matter where you wear the part!  Section off your hair and heat up a medium barrel curling iron OR heat up a set of large hot rollers.  You’ll get the desired hairstyle using either styling tools.  Using a curling iron..wind the hair loosely around the barrel of the curling iron starting closer to the scalp.  Using hot rollers..Roll up sections on large barrel rollers and allow to cool completely.  When all hair is curled, flip your head upside-down and gently shake out the curls.  Turn right-side-up and finish with a light-hold hairspray.  This beautiful long length hairstyle is easy to maintain, but does require some extra styling time.


Cute Mid Length Layered Haircut

Cute Mid Length Layered Haircut PictureCute mid length haircut picture.  Length rests just above shoulder.   Angled layered were added to the front resulting in a mid length haircut with soft fullness.

TO STYLE:  Apply volumizer and blow-dry with a round brush, lifting sections from the base and taking the length straight.

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