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Long Length Layered Haircuts

Long Length Layered Haircut PictureThick Long Length Layered Haircuts.  This model has very thick hair.  The length is cut well below the shoulders and long layers are added throughout to add volume and lift.  This long length layered hairstyle is fairly easy to maintain and style, it mostly requires blow-drying time.  To save on styling time start with your hair already dry with product already in it.

TO STYLE:  Add a smoothing serum and heat protectant prior to blow-drying.  Blow-dry hair until completely dry.  If your starting with dry hair, skip the first two steps.  Section off your hair if it’s really thick, and start curling at the back with a large barrel curling iron in different directions.  The larger barrel curling iron will give you a very loose curl.  The smaller the section the tighter the curl.  After your done curling, comb out the curls with your fingers.  Finish with a light hold hairspray.


Cute Long Length Layered Haircuts

Cute Long Length Haircut PictureCute Long Length Layered Haircuts.  The length is cut well below the shoulders.  Long layers were then added through-out to lighten up the length and give it some lift and fullness.  This is a cute long length hairstyle for someone who doesn’t want a drastic change.  Adding layers can change a hairstyle in a subtle but noticeable way.

TO STYLE:  Add a smoothing serum and heat protectant prior to blow-drying.  Blow-dry your hair until completely dry.  Then using a curling iron, wind the hair loosely around a medium barrel curling iron in different directions.  Use a light-hold hairspray to finish.  This is a fairly easy long hairstyle to maintain and style.  You could also get the same curled hairstyle by using hot rollers in place of a medium barrel curling iron.

Cute Thick Long Length Haircut

Cute Thick Long Length HaircutCute long length thick haircut picture.  Hair is cut all the same length except around the face.  Face framing layers around the face soften this one length thick blunt haircut.  Classic and simple.

TO STYLE:  Apply a smoothing serum prior to blow-drying.  Blow-dry with a paddle brush OR air dry then flat iron.  Part the hair to the side and spray a heat protectant on the hair.   Then use a larger barrel curling iron and curl the top and side back.  Light hairspray to finish.

Cute Long Length Layered Haircut with Bangs

Cute Long Length Layered HaircutModel was craving a “Rocker Style”, so deep purple Extensions were clipped in to the sides and fringe.  Extensions increased the length and volume in front.  This style has a” more than a fringe” bang, longer layers throughout, and face-framed from the bang area down to the length.  Lastly, the ends of the hair were “chipped” to boost the texture.

TO STYLE:  Blow-dry using your hands, then work in shine serum and flat-iron smooth.  For lift, add volume powder to the roots and use wax on the ends for separation.

Cute Long Length Curled Braided Headband Haircut

Cute Long Length Curled Braided Headband Haircut Picture

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