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Cute Long Length Layered Hairstyle

Cute Layered HairstyleThis Cute Long Length Layered Hairstyle is an Updated Version of the Popular 70′s “Farrah Hairstyle”  made Popular by the Late Beautiful Ms. Farrah Fawcett.  A Blunt Heavy Bang is Cut along the Front.  Length is Cut Below the Shoulders and just Above the Middle of the Back.  This Long Length Hairstyle has Lots of Layers cut through-out the Interior that blend up to the top Bang Area.  Apply a Volumizing serum to Damp Hair and  Blow-dry Bang Forward and Under with a Large Round Brush.  Then Blow-dry Hair Randomly with your fingertips until roughly 80% dry and then divide Hair into sections.   Blow-dry each Section in the Back with a Large Barrel Round Brush by Curling the ends of each of the sections “Up” with the Round Brush as you Blow-dry.  Blow-dry the Side Sections of the Hair away from your face,  by Curling the ends of the Hair “Up-and-Away from your face with the Medium Barrel Round Brush.  Use a Flat-Iron to “Flip Up” random additional strands of Hair along the sides or back if necessary.  Use a Wax or Pomade (Warmed up in your hands) to “Piece Out” random Strands of Hair, or to Smooth down any Flyaway hairs.  Use a Light-hold Hairspray to Finish


Cute Medium Length Layered Haircut

Cute Medium Length Layered HaircutThis is such a Cute Medium Length Hairstyle.  The Length rests just below the shoulders, and TONS of Layers are cut through-out the interior.  A Bang is angled off to the side and Blended down the Length of the Sides to the ends (Face-Framed).  Apply Volumizing serum to damp hair and blow-dry the hair about 80% dry.  Divide hair into smaller sections and then blow-dry each section with a medium barrel round brush in an upward motion (Opposite of Under).  Blow-dry the sides and bang with the Round Brush away from your face.  Use a Wax or Pomade warmed up your hands to piece out strands of hair and flip them up.  Finish with a Light Hold Hairspray.

Cute Classic Long Length Layered Haircuts

Cute Long Length Layered Haircut PictureCute Classic Curled Long Length Haircuts.  This beautiful long length hairstyle is cut well below the shoulders.  Long layers are cut through-out the interior to add fullness to hairstyle.  Beautiful classic easy to maintain long length hairstyle.

TO STYLE:  Add a volumizing serum and heat protectant prior to blow-drying.  Blow-dry your hair until completely dry.  Part your hair wherever you prefer….This hairstyle would look beautiful no matter where you wear the part!  Section off your hair and heat up a medium barrel curling iron OR heat up a set of large hot rollers.  You’ll get the desired hairstyle using either styling tools.  Using a curling iron..wind the hair loosely around the barrel of the curling iron starting closer to the scalp.  Using hot rollers..Roll up sections on large barrel rollers and allow to cool completely.  When all hair is curled, flip your head upside-down and gently shake out the curls.  Turn right-side-up and finish with a light-hold hairspray.  This beautiful long length hairstyle is easy to maintain, but does require some extra styling time.

Cute Mid Length Curled Hairstyle

Cute Mid Length Curled Hairstyle PicturesCute Medium Length Layered Haircuts Front and Back View.  The length is cut just below shoulders with oval edge to give the back length a rounded look.  Then layers are cut through-out the interior.  Not a long layer, not a short layer.  I would say somewhere in between…a medium layered hairstyle.  A longer side bang finishes up this cute mid-length layered haircut.

TO STYLE:  Apply a volumizing serum prior to blow-drying.  Blow-dry your hair randomly in a upward motion for added lift, until completely dry.  Section off your hair and begin curling with a medium barrel curling iron, starting with the back.  Use a rectangle section and curl sideways for a spiral type curl.  Continue curling until all sections are curled.  Comb out the curls with your fingers and finish with a light hold hairspray.  This is a fairly easy mid-length hairstyle to achieve, but it will require some styling time.

Cute Curled Mid Length Hairstyle

Cute Curled Mid Length HaircutCute mid length curled hairstyle.  Hair length is medium to long and layered throughout.

TO STYLE:  Apply a styling gel prior to blow-drying.  To achieve smooth shiny curls, blow-dry your hair as smooth as possible.  Part hair to the side and spray a heat protectant to the hair.  Section off  hair and begin curling, starting with the back.  Wind the hair around a medium barrel curling iron in different directions.  The smaller the section the tighter the curl will be.  Spray the finished curls with a light hold hairspray and separate curls with your fingers.  This cute mid length haircut takes a little bit of styling time, but the end result is definitely worth it.

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